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Discovering our
differences to unite
future generations.
Our vision is a world
where the differences
that make us unique
as individuals unite
us as a people
rather than divide
us as a nation, and
where our nation is
a bridge to all.
Together we can
make a difference.

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Jan 2004 - Dec 2007

It is amazing how quickly the years have gone by since we became 'official'. In the archive you can see the first six months written in explicit detail which will give you a fuller flavor of some of what is below. Here is a synopsis.

Projects and Events - Past and Ongoing

    AA E-Zine and SBU AA E-Zine
This bi-weekly online venture has gone from one website,, to two with, and reaches a weekly audience of over 2000 free subscribers. In theory, aa2sbu is news and events for the Stony Brook University community, while AA E-Zine is off-campus news and events. Students being students, however, aa2sbu always comes out while news about the real world sometimes has to wait.

This is truly a joint venture. Some students get academic credit through the Media Minor in Theatre Arts and the School of Journalism. The bulk of the professional equipment such as video cameras is provided by USG, the Undergraduate Student Government. Students as well as [AA]2 members write the articles and take videos. [AA]2 does all of the web work and well as providing unlimited hosting space and bandwidth. [AA]2 tries to support at least one financially needy intern each semester.

Articles are about anything relating to the Asian American community and include full length videos of cultural performances, lectures, and interviews. They range from 2 hour long cultural shows put on by student organizations at SBU to 2 hour long talks by guest lecturers in Mandarin at the China Institute in NYC.

This too began with the SBU AA E-Zine and has grown beyond that, though again, it could grow exponentially and still would not be have grown enough. Any organization having an event in the metro NY / Long Island area can post it on the calendar. Anyone can enter an event without a password though groups are given one so they can edit their entries.

Each semester [AA]
2 has one or more SBU student interns depending on available support from fundraising and grants. [AA]2 internships for P/NC academic credit are also available through the Women's Studies Department. Interns have done everything from putting together workshops and events to creating DVD's on [AA]2 talks. They have also represented [AA]2 as panelists at conferences.

    Photo Gallery
This began with the SBU AA E-Zine and has grown beyond that, though even with 250 albums and over 12,000 images, it too could grow exponentially and still not have grown enough. Photos of Asian and Asian American events are hosted online. Organizations are free to upload their photos and [AA]
2 gives them their own albums and publicizes their existence.

    Wang Center Planner
2 has produced an annual full color 100 plus page photo journal planner of the Wang Center Celebrating Asian and Asian American Cultures. Aside from its beauty, reading it is a cross-cultural learning experience about how the architecture unites East and West. Its secondary goal is to increase funding for the Wang Center for more programs relating to Asia and Asian America. Lack of funding has made the Wang Center the University's de facto conference center rather than an Asian and Asian American cultural center as originally conceived. [AA]2 sponsors an annual photography contest for the planner and winners receive their copy autographed by the Wang Center architect, P.H. Tuan.

    [AA]2 Events

  [AA]2 / SBU AA E-Zine Alumni Career Day
In 2003 the SBU Alumni Association held its first Spring Reunion and as part of it, [AA]
2, then just doing SBU related things, sponsored the first Asian American Alumni Network. The SBU AA did not have any more similar events so in 2006, [AA]2 held the first Alumni Career Day. Alumni from all walks of life gave workshops on their field, gave advice on resumes, and held mock interviews. It included the Dean of CUNY Law, a Citibank VP, and as well as recently graduated alumni. The combination provided both long term experience as well as 'I just went through this' experience. This is now an annual event.

         [AA]2 / SBU AA E-Zine BBQ's
    In 1997 the first Orientation BBQ for Asian American freshmen at SBU was held on the Physics Lawn, sponsored by the AAC Bridge. When the Bridge lost its funding two years later, an [AA]
2 alumna continued to sponsor the BBQ. In 2005 it was held for the first time at the Wang Center, funded by Falconstor, a software storage company founded by SBU alumni ReiJane Huai (CEO) and Wai Lam (CTO). It brought together over 1000 freshmen.
   Alas, the University instituted new rules that students could not cook at BBQ's and it must be done by campus dining - college students are incapable of charcoal grilling it seems. Originally it was believed that made the expense not worthwhile.
     The same is now the reason [AA]
2 no longer sponsors the Take a Break from Finals BBQ, which had also been held since 1997. It is a situation we deeply regret. While the University has decreased its liability it has actually made it more dangerous for students. Although alcohol was never provided, students brought their own, snuck in their backpacks, just as the University's Strawberry Festival is known for its underground strawberry daiquiris. Now the BBQ's are held by student groups at Sunken Meadow State Park by individual student organizations and instead of walking back to their dorms, they are driving.
     For 2008, however, the goal is to have another Orientation BBQ. The last students to attend one are graduating this year and we learned they considered it the best event when they arrived that made them feel welcome at SBU. Pending University approvals, it will be held again in August 2008, funded by alumni.

        [AA]2 / SBU AA E-Zine Cabinet to Cabinet Socials
This annual dinner for Cabinet members of Asian American student organizations at Stony Brook University allows them to to get to know one another so that in the coming year they can work together. There is the misperception by non-Asians that Asian groups are cohesive when the opposite is often the case. Some groups are Asian American and members are simply any American of Asian heritage. Some of those members, being many generations American, know as little about Asia as any typical American-schooled child. Others are composed of international students who conduct their meetings in their native languages. Still others are made up of students from all nationalities who want to know about a particular culture or like a specific genre from a culture, e.g. Anime. Simply because they have something to do with Asia does not mean they also interact with each other.

        [AA]2 / SBU AA E-Zine Networking Mixers
During the Fall of 2004 through the Spring of 2006, monthly networking and socializing mixers were held in Manhattan. They ranged from Happy Hours in downtown bars to an Asian Am comedy show and Islanders / Rangers hockey game. They have been temporarily discontinued until it can be figured out how to do them better. While fun, the same crowd enjoyed themselves each month. When the Board member responsible took a position that kept her traveling, that led to part of the decision to concentrate on foundation building - there needs to be guaranteed paid interns - supporting needy students while having people responsible for the myriad tasks of event planning.

        AURA/AAURA Conference
Asians United to Raise Awareness was a full day of workshops,
attended by approximately 100 students, alumni, and presenters, on issues of importance to Asian American women and girls. It was entitled Young Asian American Women Speak Out. Funded by a grant from LIFWG it had workshops and performances on sexual awareness, HIV/AIDS, partner violence protection, leadership development, racism, Muslim girls and dating, using performance art to mentor youth, and a host of other issues. Later interns were under AAURA, Asian Americans United to Raise Awareness, rather than simply Asians, to help stop the problem of Asian Americans being seen as "perpetual foreigners".

        Films with Speakers
2 sponsored a film series, Chick Flick Fest, showing films with Asian American actresses or directed by Asian American women, with guest speakers. It also worked with the Dean of The New School's Diversity Initiative for two film / speakers series.

         Workshops on Racism
held a workshop attended by 50 young women of all races discussing how race affected them. The young women did not want the conversation to end and after a few hours were stopped because the building was closing. It was so successful it was done at the AAURA Conference, and a year later done again in multiple taped segments to produce a DVD. Part of LIFWG grant.

Other Things Too Varied to Categorize
          [AA]2 nominated Wai Lam, the first Chinese American to win the SBU Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award.
          [AA]2 has taken part in the annual Asian American Heritage Festival at Union Square in NYC.
          [AA]2 has attended conferences and events sponsored by others to have our presence known via a literature table. These have ranged from LIFWG's Annual Breakfast to SBU's Homecoming Tent.

The first eight months of 2004 in excruciating detail: