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Discovering our
differences to unite
future generations.

Our vision is a world
where the differences
that make us unique
as individuals unite
us as a people
rather than divide
us as a nation, and
where our nation is
a bridge to all.
Together we can
make a difference.

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Sherry Ha
Howard Hua
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Charles Kang
Tuan Le
Stanley Liang

Wendy Liem
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tax exempt (deductible).

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     To bring information about Asia to Americans of all ethnicities. By the 3rd generation, Asian Americans often know as little as non-Asians about Asia. What they do know is the social customs and holidays celebrated by their own ethnicity, not Asia in the grander scheme.

     To bring information about Asian America to Asian Americans and Americans for the same reasons - to help them all understand all the others in that amalgam called Asian American. Chinese Americans know little about Indian Americans and vice versa even though they are all thrown into the same category. 

We need to create global common ground. The individual values of friendship, love, family, trust, honesty, and justice do not change meaning as one crosses borders, but it is often hard for young people to understand that. What little they know comes from the attributes of their governments, the bias of their media, and the cultures presented by Hollywood, Bollywood, and Hong Kong - all of which distort reality. 

     To put together workshops, training sessions, conferences, films, and events on issues of importance relating to Asian Americans, including culture, bi-cultural issues, bi-racial issues, education, health, history, immigration, language, racism, and sexuality.

     To help support the funding of Asian and Asian American cultural events, performances, and venues across Long Island and metro-New York. Not all of life is serious talks about serious subjects - life is also meant to me enjoyed. To enable them to be presented at reasonable cost. While many of us can afford Broadway prices, most young people cannot. They are the ones who need these things:
    For young Asian Americans to see their heritage performed to learn about the culture of where they came from.
    For non-Asian Americans to see the heritage of those who are friends and neighbors to learn of other cultures than just their own.
    To have venues for Asian Americans to perform in themselves, or to have their own works performed, so that everyone can enjoy who and where they are today as Americans.

     To provide financial help and internships to deserving Asian / American high school and college students from metro NY / Long Island or at metro NY / LI colleges and universities. The Asian American community is largely an immigrant one and though the stereotype is of well off Indian doctors and Chinese scientists, the reality is that there are far more struggling waiters, green grocers, and sewing machine operators whose children need aid.

     A long term goal is an international summer high school program bringing Asian and American students together in a shared living environment on both continents in the hopes they will form lasting friendships, helping to break down the barriers that divide us as people and as nations.      |