[AA]2 Internships with SBU Women's Studies
Only Available for Stony Brook University Students

Women's Studies

WST 488.23

On SOLAR it will list a faculty name, generally the UGD of Women's Studies.
S/he is the faculty sponsor.


The [AA]2 internship is designed to enlist dedicated and motivated students in an ongoing campaign to raise awareness and educate everyone about issues of concern to Asian American women and girls, and to provide opportunities for leadership growth for college students. Issues include partner violence protection, depression and suicide, sexual decision-making, racism, leadership, mentoring, career choices, and bi-cultural identity issues. Although it focuses on Asian American women, it is open to men and women of all races interested in the topics.

This internship requires 120 hours of service to [AA]2 for 3 credits, P/NC.

It is upper division and therefore to register you must have at least 69 credits or SOLAR will not let it go through, and permission from the department. If you have not previously been an [AA]2 intern, in order to get permission, call or send an email with all of your pertinent information (legal name, SOLAR ID #, Sparky name, email address that the University uses, your phone number, and the name and phone number of a reference), to the contact info listed below. After discussing the internship with you, if [AA]2 agrees to have you become an intern, [AA]2 will contact Women Studies for them to submit permission to SOLAR. You will also need to go to Women's Studies to deal with paperwork.  

Minimum GPA 2.5

It will mean 120 hours of work, about 90 hours of which can be done independently or scheduled at mutually beneficial times with (AA)2. (AA)2 will match your skills to the available work.

The 120 hours is divided as follows:
     We require all interns to volunteer 10 hours with the Women's Studies Office, to be done
     when they need you.
     The remaining 110 hours of independent work you could be doing, and this list is ever
     expanding and you may come up with your own ideas, includes:

          Required: Maintain a journal of internship work and write a critique of the internship and
          [AA]2 programs.

          Required: Meet regularly with the internship supervisor. Meet with the faculty advisor on a
          schedule to be determined by you and the advisor.

          Work on event programming for conferences and workshops. Find speakers and
          panelists. Create fliers, programs, informational packets, etc.

          Expand the database of people to send information to about [AA]2 programs. 

          Develop and put together an event or workshop relating to young Asian American women.
          Be your own creative director. [AA]2 has some programming funding from LIFWG.

          Write articles on women's issues for the AA E-Zine, SBU AA E-Zine, and / or AAJ (Asian
          American Journal).    http://www.aaezine.org   |  http://www.aa2sbu.org/aaezine

          Web page design and development for conferences, workshops, and other areas. An
          example of the 2004 conference is at http://www.aasquared.org/AURA/CFC.html

          Do public speaking on issues relating to Asian American women.

For additional information and to discuss permission to register, please contact:
Ja Young ten Doesschate
Co-Chair, (AA)2
board@ aasquared.org